"The Professional's Choice"

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"The Professional's Choice"

 Hot Water  Pressure Washers

Our hot water washers are the finest machines available and have more standard features than any other brand on the market. Compared to 1970, our high pressure washers have nine times the cleaning power at half the price (disregarding inflation).

Features on our hot water models include:

  • Kärcher Tri-Plex pump or Kärcher 3-Piston Axial pump
  • Industrial-duty motor or engine
  • Schedule 80 heating coil on Liberty models
  • Your choice of conventional or high-efficiency down-draft burner systems
  • Auto shutdown (Standard on many models)
  • Powder-coat finish
  • Thermal pump saver
  • Integral detergent tank or detergent Injection standard
  • Proven long service life